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The SharePoint 2013 Design Manager Workshop

You have been handed SharePoint 2013 and some HTML files. Now what? Using SharePoint’s built in design conversion tool, you can take those HTML files and put them to work as SharePoint 2013 master pages and page layout files, creating a fully branded web site over the course of just a few hours. No SharePoint experience needed!

This on demand course will show you how to create a branded SharePoint site at your pace and at your convenience.

SharePoint Version: 2013

Author and instructor: Heather Solomon

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Course Syllabus

Introduction to Design Manager

Design Manager is simply a collection of SharePoint tools and functionality. Walk through what these tools are and where to find them. Also includes key SharePoint terminology that you need to know as you jump into SharePoint, perfect if this is your first time using the product. Topics include:

Design Manager for Master Pages

Take a dive into the “no SharePoint Designer required” branding feature for SharePoint 2013, Design Manager. Pick apart the components that make up Design Manager and understand what is happening to your code when it is imported into SharePoint. Topics include:

Design Manager for Page Layouts

Now that the site design is in place, it is time to take care of your content organization and design. Topics include:

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