The SharePoint Experience

It's not just a course - it's an experience.

The SharePoint Branding Experience

Don’t be wooed by the excitement of the Design Manager in SharePoint 2013/2016. There is still no magic EASY button for SharePoint branding. But it doesn’t have to be hard either. In this class you will learn how not to be intimidated by .NET code while successfully branding your SharePoint site to make it look how you want – layout, colors, fonts, you name it. You got the design and now you need the where and how. That is where the SharePoint Branding Experience course begins.

SharePoint Version: 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online

Author and instructor: Heather Solomon

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Key takeaways for this course

System Requirements

Course Syllabus

Introduction to SharePoint, publishing sites & SharePoint Designer

Starting from a designer’s perspective, this introduction walks through key bits of the SharePoint interface and architecture that will affect your design and site structure. Topics include:

Understanding master pages and content pages

You know you need one, you just aren’t sure what, where and how many. Deep dive into the key components of a master page and content page and truly understand how they work together and for you. And no one should start with an out-of-the-box SharePoint master page for custom SharePoint branding! Items discussed:

Wrap up by editing a content page in SharePoint Designer to see first hand how the process works.

Master page creation and editing

Who needs Design View anyways? Don’t fear this missing feature from SharePoint Designer 2013. It is time to get comfortable with Code View and other editors to start work on your custom master page. Using semantic HTML and integrating in HTML5, you will create a master page from scratch. Master page edits will venture into:

If you want a leg up, a boilerplate master page that uses a CSS based layout is available – a student exclusive.

CSS, and a lot of it

Once your master page is setup the real work begins. The mass majority of SharePoint branding revolves around CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Using SharePoint Designer, outside code editors and browser tools, you will see many different ways to manipulate the SharePoint interface using CSS. Basic and advanced CSS topics will be covered, such as:

Device Channels

In SharePoint you have an alternative to CSS media queries and a way to provide content to specific devices, such as iPhones, Android devices and assorted tablets. Take a look into Device Channels and create a few in class. The subject matter will cover:

Page layouts for publishing sites

The key to every successful publishing site is a great and useful set of page layouts – the ideal way to centrally connect and manage content in your web pages. There is a distinct process to get a page layout up and going and lots of customizations you can do including security trimmed content, web part zones and areas that only show in edit mode. Topics covered:

Bonus materials

The heart of branding SharePoint isn’t comps, colors or graphics… it is code. That is why the entire course focuses on how to read it, create it and edit it. However there are other components to the branding process so the following bonus materials are provided for your personal review: