The SharePoint Experience

It's not just a course - it's an experience.

The “Make SharePoint Awesome” Experience

This course is different. It’s written for the new breed of web designers, developers and site owners, the ones with no ego and no bone to pick. It’s co-authored by a web designer (Heather Solomon, author of the SharePoint Branding Experience) and a web developer (Dustin Miller, author of the SharePoint Web Developer Experience). And we guarantee that you’ll leave this class feeling inspired, motivated and confident.

Learn how to apply your existing web developer and web designer skills to the SharePoint user interface. From planning and taxonomy to advanced CSS and jQuery, this course is custom crafted to speak to the needs of today’s web designers and developers — and it’s packed with lots of sample code and plenty of hands-on time for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013!

SharePoint Version: 2010, 2013, SharePoint Online

Course Syllabus

Business before technology, no exceptions

An entire day will be devoted to your business. No computers. No SharePoint. Just like-minded people committed to doing what’s right for the business. It’s a compelling story, and everyone has a part to play. Your actions on this day directly affect what kind of deliverables you create the rest of the week. Yeah, that’s dangerous for the instructors, but it’s a thrill ride for you!

The SharePoint Design Process

This is not a substitute for our SharePoint Branding course. In fact, it’s assumed that you already know how to handle the basics of master pages and page layouts. But we’re willing to bet that you are missing out on a lot of what you can do with your custom master pages!

Creative CSS for Inspirational Designs

Our SharePoint CSS Experience gets you started with CSS. Learn how to take your CSS skills and apply them to SharePoint. We update this content constantly to keep up with the latest trends and concepts in CSS-based web design.

Neuroscience. Yeah, Neuroscience.

You’ve always been told that, as a web designer, you need to understanding your audience. With a series of group experiments and demonstrations in the classroom, along with powerful stories about the way decisions are made, you’ll get a new and more powerful insight into your audience.

JavaScript and CSS (Sittin’ in a Tree)

Designers, look to your nearest developer. Developers, look to your nearest designer. Do you feel a little resentment? Fear? Ego? You’re going to have to check that baggage. We focus on designers and developers working together.

Everyone in the class writes JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Everyone.

Crash Course in XSL

Time to collect all that HTML, JavaScript and CSS and use it to create custom views of your SharePoint data. Using the Data View Web Part, you can make SharePoint render any output for any data.

Custom Forms and External Data Sources

We get it. Requirements can really suck the joy out of the work you do. Some of them seem so impossible to accomplish with SharePoint, you just go out and buy a third party component to “make it work and get on with it”. Slow your roll, there’s more you can do to create a custom SharePoint experience.

Putting It All Together

Time to take everything you’ve learned and make the final push to SharePoint nirvana. We’ll show you how to:

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