The SharePoint Experience

It's not just a course - it's an experience.

The SharePoint Power User /
IW Pro Experience

Make SharePoint 2010 bend to your will! Learn how to do everything you can possibly do with SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 – without writing a single line of code. Developers, hackers and newbies alike are welcome and encouraged to take this course. Learn all about the new capabilities of SharePoint 2010 and how best to utilize them to solve your business problems.

SharePoint Version: 2010

Author and instructor: Dustin Miller

Course Syllabus

The 30,000 Foot View

Welcome to a whirlwind tour of the new SharePoint 2010 visual interface! Core topics include:

Site Types

There are several types of sites available in SharePoint 2010 – You’re going to be surprised with wikis! Core topics include:

Lists, Libraries, The New List View Web Part and Web Part Connections

Gone are the days of lamenting the differences between the List View Web Part and the Data View Web Part. No more page reloads just to refresh changing list data. This is a crash course, and you should expect to walk away stunned, with your mind swimming with the possibilities of what you can do now with lists and libraries. Core topics include:

SharePoint Designer – Holy cow!

Folks, SharePoint Designer 2010 (SPD) has changed a lot. It is no longer a tool to be feared! Core topics include:

Workflows, Wow!

Hold on to your seats – workflow in SharePoint 2010 has gotten a big ol’ injection of “WOW”. Core topics include:

Office 2010

This massive day-and-a-half information marathon focuses on each of the Office 2010 applications, as well as an introduction to the new SharePoint Workspace tool. See how Office interacts with SharePoint. Products covered include:

What you need to attend this class

For you:

For your computer*:

* If attending this course online, you don’t need any of this software – unless you’d like to do the optional labs or homework.

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