Consulting Services

Let’s get real and face the facts

Most people try to fit their business needs to the perceived limitations of their SharePoint sites. We think that’s wrong. Through our consulting services we can help bridge the gap between what you need and what SharePoint can do. We offer a wide variety of services, including branding, development, ad-hoc support and publishing site support. Our skillset isn’t limited to SharePoint. We offer WordPress and general web site support services as well.

Services that we offer

Ad-hoc SharePoint support

Get your team a little extra help for SharePoint site setup and more. Whether you need an hour, ten hours or more… we can help guide you down the correct path.

App/Add-in and web part development

Integrating third party web services or line of business data? No problem. Need a custom single-page app/add-in or SharePoint Framework solution created? We’ve got your back.

Branding and web site design

It doesn’t matter if you have a sketch on a napkin or a full blown mock-up, we can provide branding solutions that include design variations, visual enhancements to data display, mobile views, and making SharePoint not look like SharePoint.

CSS development for design implementation

CSS is a powerful tool but can be a little overwhelming at times. Using any design or specs that you provide, we can build out, test and deploy the needed styles for your SharePoint site.

Custom development and external data integration

From apps to web parts to custom solutions to meet your specific needs, we can create custom developed solutions using your data in the ways you need it on your SharePoint site.

Our hybrid approach to training and consulting

We aren’t just nerds locked in a basement pumping out code. We are always working on creating new things to teach for our students. Not only can we create the code, but we are well seasoned educators that can show you how things work, how to make updates and provide you with an overall comfort level with your custom built SharePoint solution.

To further expand the efficiency of your project, combine consulting with a custom course. That way you can learn how to easily maintain your environment moving forward.

Knowledge transfer sessions

We don’t believe in tossing code over the wall and creating a dependency where you need a consultant to make changes. Instead we want you to have the knowledge and power to manage your own site and we have the ability and tools to teach it to you. So we will work with you to host knowledge transfer sessions and/or provide written documentation. You can opt for recorded screencasts or online / on-site session(s) between the consultant and your employee(s).

Publishing site taxonomy and content layout

Does your publishing site have you feeling overwhelmed? Are you still trying to figure out what the heck publishing even is? We can certainly help clear the clouds and get you using SharePoint’s content management system at its fullest potential.

WordPress and other open source development, integration and support

We’re not just SharePoint Experts—we have experience with many content management systems and other open source apps. Not just “hey, we read an article on that” experience, either. We actually contribute to many non-SharePoint open source applications and frameworks, with a special focus on systems integration.

Questions and consulting services quote

Please contact us to set up a time to discuss your project needs and receive a quote. You can also refer to our FAQ.