Let’s get real and face the facts

Most people try to fit their business needs to the perceived limitations of their SharePoint sites. We think that’s wrong.

It’s your job to know your users, your requirements and your business. It’s our job to know SharePoint. Bring us your unique experience with your business, and we will bring our own SharePoint experience and technical skills to the party. Together, we will create solutions that will work for you.

A hybrid approach to training and consulting

We aren’t just nerds locked in a basement pumping out code. We are always working on creating new things to teach for our students. Not only can we create the code, but we are well seasoned educators that can show you how things work, how to make updates and provide you with an overall comfort level with your custom built SharePoint solution.

Experience across multiple industries

Over the years we have learned quite a few things, one of which is that all businesses share common challenges, needs and issues. Your content is unique as are your end users; however, creating a successful SharePoint site is a common goal. We have worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, government entities, the education sector as well as multiple military branches. We are also happy to assist international customers and small business owners.

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