Web Site Platform

No, this is not a SharePoint Site. Sacrilege!

Occasionally people mention that it doesn’t seem like we practice what we teach and use SharePoint on our site. So, what gives?

Use the best tool for the job

Our marketing web site does not need to be in SharePoint. This site does not require document management, secured content, collaboration, shared calendars and lists, workflows or business intelligence. We don’t believe in using a product just for the sake of using it. After all, it is just a tool. When you approach a web site project for development you should focus on the business needs and then identify any tool(s) that can best help meet those requirements, not look at how you can force your requirements into a pre-defined box. You don’t need a steam boat to cross a river when a canoe will do the job just fine.

So you are using a canoe?

Don’t knock canoes – sleek, small and quick they can get you to where you need to go. This site is currently a WordPress site. What this shows is we study and use OTHER web technologies and don’t limit ourselves to a single tool. The end result is in addition to SharePoint we also stay up to date with the latest web technologies and think of cool new ways to cross integrate everything. We love working with other tools and languages such as jQuery, SASS, XML, Zapier and CSS.

Yes, we may tell YOU not to use SharePoint

We take our advice to heart and don’t steer any prospective clients towards a certain product just so we can guarantee a future invoice. We always discuss business needs first when talking to a client about consulting or training and if we feel SharePoint isn’t a good fit, we will tell you. There are lots of excellent tools available at different price points that may be a better fit for your organization.

In summary

We don’t use SharePoint for this site because it is overkill for our site requirements and the overhead would take us away from what we do best, creating and delivering expert training and consulting to help make your implementation a smashing success.