Student Resources Site

What our Student Resources site is all about

We provide every student access to our Learning Management System (LMS) site. This all-in-one resource provides the following to our students:

  • Course recordings – screencasts from class with instructor audio
  • Course handouts – digital lecture notes, diagrams and demo instructions organized sequentially by topic
  • Code files – a large assortment of code tips, tricks, finished samples and more
  • Course updates – if new code files or handouts are created or updated, changes get pushed to all alumni
  • Discussion boards – you can post topics and chat with other students and your instructor
  • End of course survey – complete the survey to receive a special discount for your next class
  • Direct access to your instructor – access to an in-app mail system to communicate directly with your instructor
  • Helpful links – quick access to our large link repository on Delicious
  • For multiple courses – all of your courses are listed on this one site and under one login
  • The LMS is available to students from both our public course deliveries and our private course deliveries

Long term access to student resources

We don’t believe in time bombs when it comes to education. All alumni have access to course materials and recordings for a minimum of six months. What this really means is if we ever win the lotto and retire to Maui, we will ensure continued access to course materials for at least six months. That and we will totally throw an awesome party for all our students.

On-demand courses

Our on-demand courses live completely in the LMS and provide all of the same benefits that are listed above.

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