Types of Training

I enjoyed the format and interaction with other class members using online technology. Better than being there in person. The flow of the course was better than most in-person classes I have attended in the past.
– Keith W.

Online SharePoint training

Here are some of the key benefits of our online SharePoint training:

  • Attend the course from work or home
  • Only requires Internet connection and web browser to participate
  • Receive six months of access to course recordings and electronic lecture notes
  • Professional microphone equipment used for audio broadcast
  • Completion certificates available upon request

We offer both real-time online courses (synchronous learning) and on-demand courses (asynchronous learning):

Real-time SharePoint online training

Attend class live with an instructor at a scheduled time

With an advanced webinar tool and top of the line microphone equipment, our instructors are ready to teach you. Everything is recorded and provided to you shortly after class ends. At any time you can go back and review lectures, demos and Q&A sessions. As a result, online instruction is an excellent way to learn from the comfort of your own office or home.

How online training works

This isn’t the same boring webcast you’ve attended time and time again. Our distance learning environment is interactive, cross-platform and as close as you can get to an actual classroom. Connect with other students and your instructor through screen sharing, live voice (instructor only) and a private chat. The following is what you can expect from our virtual classroom:

  • Advanced webinar tool with audio broadcast and web based chat
  • Recorded course sessions provided to you after class
  • Course materials, code files and handouts hosted on a student only web site
  • Send questions directly to your instructor

Daily schedule for online training

All of our real-time online classes consist of twice-daily sessions. There are two 3-hour sessions per day, with a break in between sessions. If you’re unable to attend live, all sessions are recorded and made available to you. Please see individual class information pages, available from the courses page, for course session times.

On-demand SharePoint training

Courses built for your schedule

We also offer on-demand education. With this approach, you take the course at a time of your choosing and at your own pace. These classes provide:

  • Course screencasts, materials, code files and handouts hosted on a student only web site
  • Completion certificates available upon request
  • Send questions directly to your instructor

Additional questions for online or on-demand training

If you have additional questions about online or on-demand training, please check out our FAQ or contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have and can alternatively set up a conference call to discuss your needs.

Private SharePoint training for your company

Why you should consider private training:

  • Host a class at your office or attend online
  • Include virtual employees
  • Classes are “instructor led, student driven”
  • All course sessions are recorded and are available to you for six months
  • Fully customizable course syllabus
  • Train small to large groups of people
  • Target SharePoint training to various organization roles
  • Fees start at $2,500/day

Contact us for a SharePoint training quote

Private training is a great solution for organizations that have several people who need to be trained, or who have needs outside of what our public classes offer. Building off our extensive consulting experience, SharePoint Experts can come into your organization and tailor training based on what you need. For example:

  • The IT team needs an administration course, but wants additional time and attention spent on SharePoint services.
  • Your internal graphic design team has the chops for branding SharePoint, but they need a couple of days with an expert to make sure they are on the right track and to get some questions answered.
  • The site content owners are new to SharePoint and need to learn just enough about the product to successfully manage their content.
  • You want to learn the tool, and get a jump-start on implementation using our guidance and support.

Customize your course by extending, shortening or combining classes. Also, provide your sites, requirements and designs (if they have been determined) for course demos. In the end, you will have code files ready for implementation for your site.

Private online SharePoint training

Training online is a great way to prepare people quickly and efficiently. Set your schedule based on employee commitments and time restraints. All of the benefits we offer to our public online classes are provided to your employees.

Scheduling a course

When you are ready to book a class, please send us a message for a private SharePoint training quote.  We will work with you to schedule a private delivery onsite at your location or online.

Daily schedule

Once booked, the instructor will work with you to create a class schedule that best fits the needs of your organization and students.

Group discount for online courses

If you only need to train a handful of employees, attending one of our public online classes is usually the best option. In this case, group rates are available for our public deliveries of an online course.

Additional questions

If you have additional questions about private training, please check out our FAQ or contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have and can alternatively set up a conference call to discuss your needs.