Student Testimonials

Our students love us

Here are a few reviews and testimonials from past trainingĀ attendees.

The two course I have taken have been instrumental in making me a more valuable member of our SharePoint UX team. My boss and co-workers are always thrilled when I come back from one of your course with my bag of new tricks.
– Alvin U.

The course was absolutely fantastic. No beating around the bush or teaching how to use SharePoint. I loved the “How to make SharePoint do what you want” aspect of the course. I have used other products that just teach you the functionality of SharePoint but it was really like teaching what you are limited too. Dustin’s course threw that manual out the window and opened the door to making SharePoint work for you!
– Jason S.

This changes everything. It made it clear that you can do just about anything in SharePoint – without being a coding geek!
– Daniel M.

Excellent course! Heather sets the standard for teaching excellence – subject matter expertise, real-world experience, ability to engage students with humor and practical advice, generous with her time and advice on student-specific needs. Highly recommend any course she teaches!
– Corinne N.

The class was very informative and challenging. I look forward to taking additional classes with both instructors.
– Marilyn M.