The SharePoint Experience

It's not just a course - it's an experience.

Private Training

Bringing the experience to you

If you have several people or entire departments that need training, SharePoint Experts can come to you! Nearly every class is available for on-site private training at your organization, and private online training for just your employees. Our classes are “instructor led, student driven.” If we need to spend more time on a particular subject, we will. We’ll even shuffle topics around if it helps our students learn. It’s all about making YOUR experience the best it can be.

Have knowledge. Will travel.

Private training is a great solution for organizations with many people to train, or who have needs outside of what our public classes offer. Building off our extensive consulting experience, SharePoint Experts can come into your organization and tailor training based on your requests. For example:

All of our courses can be taught as is, extended, shortened or combined with other classes.  The instructor can optionally extend their stay and provide consulting.

Online training, just for your employees

Depending on your needs and timelines, private online training may be the best solution for getting your people trained.  Nearly all of our courses are available for private online training, and our instructors have more scheduling flexibility to meet your needs. All of the great benefits we provide to our public online students are available to you as well. What kind of benefits? Read for yourself!