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Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

SharePoint Experts, Inc. respects your right to privacy. In fact, we’re quite outspoken when it comes to information privacy both online and in real life.

In light of that, we’ve written this very clear and concise privacy policy so that you, the user, can understand what we do with any information we may gather from you.

SharePoint Experts collects personally identifiable information from users through the use of online forms and e-mails, and account registrations to our sites and event registrations. This information may include real names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, etc. SharePoint Experts does not ever release, sell, rent, sublet or otherwise allow this information to be utilized or viewed by third parties, except for those parties directly responsible for the delivery of our electronic and/or postal communications, and those parties we use to perform analysis of our web traffic.

You will never receive commercial e-mail from SharePoint Experts that doesn’t relate to our business or to our communities. The e-mail address or other contact information supplied to us will be the only contact information we use.

SharePoint Experts may request that your browser create “cookies” in an effort to provide you with a quality interactive experience. Some of our network sites may require cookies. Whenever cookies are used, they store data that is useful only to SharePoint Experts web-based applications or to allow us to properly measure aggregate site usage, and allows our site to recall your preferences, address you by name, etc.

The cookie itself contains no personal information. We repeat: We store only a “cookie crumb” that contains no personally identifiable information on your machine.

SharePoint Experts monitors logs of users accessing our site in an effort to determine where our visitors are coming from, what search terms were used to arrive at our site, how long users visit, which of our pages is being accessed by which users, and who is linking to us. It also allows us to determine if users follow outdated links in order to get to our site. SharePoint Experts does not use this information in any capacity other than those explicitly stated above.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please let us know your concerns.