Our Instructors

Our instructors, Dustin Miller and Heather Solomon, have a combined 40+ years of SharePoint experience between the two of them. And yes, saying that makes them feel old.

Dustin Miller, instructor

Dustin Miller is a geek and isn’t afraid to show it. He’s been doing nothing but SharePoint for nearly two decades. Dustin thrives on sharing all sorts of crazy and creative things with you. His laid back and engaging demeanor makes training fun and enjoyable. Dustin is the kind of instructor who loves to learn, tinker, and push a tool to the limits while remaining upgrade friendly. He teaches our Web Developer and Responsive Design courses and is available for consulting services.

Dustin’s background

Dustin’s acting background and start in film studies makes him an entertaining instructor. After being everything from lead developer to lead systems administrator for corporations and consulting firms, Dustin decided to start his own company. So in 2001 he launched a unique training company that offered SharePoint web developer and power user classes. Over the years Dustin has taught thousands of people. A true developer at heart, Dustin frequently contributes to open source projects. He also loves to learn new technologies and apply them to SharePoint.

Dustin in the community

Dustin was one of the first two people ever recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for SharePoint. He went on to win the award an additional seven times. Dustin was also a pioneering contributor to news groups. Over the years he created and supported several online communities. Dustin has been presenting at conferences since the start of his career. His sessions are always well reviewed and often ranked as a top session at the conference. Once he even got the whole crowd to do the wave. Yeah really. 500 geeks with their hands in the air. Additionally, Dustin is the author of the Magic Data View Builder for SharePoint as well as countless helpful scripts to make SharePoint awesome.

In his words: Dustin’s method

I aim to provide everyone in my class with a positive, fun and entertaining experience. Learning, of course, is a major part of my courses, but if you’re not enjoying yourself while you’re there… are you really going to remember anything except that your chair squeaked when you moved? I can’t wait to teach you how to bend SharePoint to your will!

Heather Solomon, instructor

Heather Solomon is a web designer first and a SharePoint geek second. With over 20 years of experience working with online applications and sites, she knows how to get under the hood with the tool. Considered by many to be THE industry expert in SharePoint branding, Heather enjoys sharing her knowledge in a laid-back atmosphere. She knows how to make SharePoint look like anything but SharePoint! Heather teaches our Branding and CSS courses and is available for consulting services. She also provides instruction for our on-demand courses, Branding for 2010 and Design Manager for 2013.

Heather’s background

Something you will hear Heather say is, “I am not a developer!”. Heather is a graphic designer, artist and loves anything creative. She attended art school and started off her career designing marketing materials. Since then Heather has worked on a variety of online sites and applications, predominantly Intranets and marketing sites. She has dealt with a lot of “people” projects and enjoys working with end users and content owners alike. Her teaching career started in 2008 and she is the author of one of the first branding classes for SharePoint.

Heather in the community

Heather hosts one of the original SharePoint branding focused blogs and maintains several free resources. For example, her popular CSS Charts and “Just the Essential” Master Pages. Both of these resources have been used to create countless customized sites. She is a frequent speaker at conferences. Heather also received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for her SharePoint community contributions five years in a row. Heather is a huge fan of CSS and is constantly making SharePoint do the impossible with only the magic of CSS.

In her words: What Heather wants for your site

Yes, you can code and no, you don’t have to be a developer to do it. I love to help people learn the ins and outs of the code behind the interface. My students are pushed to imagine a site that doesn’t look anything like SharePoint. It’s possible and not hard to do! Join me in class to learn how create a beautiful and functional site.