The SharePoint Experience

It's not just a course - it's an experience.

Dustin Miller

Dustin Miller, instructor

Just as comfortable training his dog as he is writing custom web parts, his
style and demeanor makes training fun and entertaining. He’s been doing nothing
but SharePoint since Office XP and SharePoint Team Services, and loves to share
those crazy and creative things that you never knew you could do with

Dustin is a geek and isn’t afraid to show it.

Ready to geek out? Want to learn how to hack SharePoint to pieces and make it
do things you never thought it could do? Maybe you just want to know how things
work under the hood. Either way, Dustin’s the kind of instructor who loves to
tinker, and share his experiences with his students. He’s been presenting at
SharePoint conferences for years, and his sessions are always well -reviewed.

In his words: Dustin’s method

I aim to provide everyone in my classroom with a positive, fun and
entertaining experience. Learning, of course, is a major part of my courses, but
if you’re not enjoying yourself while you’re there… are you really going to
remember anything except that your chair squeaked when you moved?

I can’t wait to teach you how to bend SharePoint to your will!