The SharePoint Experience

It's not just a course - it's an experience.

Classroom Training

Joining a classroom experience

People learn best in different ways and one of our personal favorites is offering live courses in a classroom environment, open for public registration. Friends are made, experiences are shared and everyone learns a lot along the way.

Classroom training, our way

Why leave your office just to go to another office for a class? There are definite benefits of breaking out of your daily routine and environment and meeting other people working with SharePoint. Getting out of the corporate world for a week is refreshing and inspiring. Our public courses are held at hotels in destination cities across the U.S. You can spend the day digging deep into SharePoint, then take a breather and hit the sights that night with co-workers, family, classmates, or on your own! Or just relax with a good book and enjoy the peace and quiet and experience some YOU time!

What to expect…

It is an experience, not just a training course.

What to bring…

Every student is responsible for bringing his or her own workstation (typically a laptop). Each course information page lists what software should be installed on the workstation. No worries though, the software you will need is free, available as a trial or provided by us. We highly recommend that the workstation has Wi-Fi (we have a few spare Wi-Fi cards if needed). Oh, and there’s plenty of room at the table if you want to bring a mouse.

Each course has a different set of prerequisites and student workstation requirements. Please see individual course information pages, accessible from the Courses & Schedule page, for more details.


Depending on the venue, a discounted rate may be available for you to use at the hotel hosting our event. Check the Courses & Schedule page for a direct link to the event page that will have more information about the destination, including hotel location, airport information and local activities.