Behind the Experience

The SharePoint Experience is the brain-child of SharePoint Experts, Inc., a boutique training and consulting company that was founded in 2001. It all started with Dustin Miller’s SharePoint Team Services (SharePoint v.1) course. Over the years the company evolved and offered several classes that were the first of their kind.

Our approach to training

  • Curriculum is detailed, unique, and full of demos that evolve with student needs and new technologies
  • Instructors are experts in their field
  • Course materials are concise and meaningful and students can ask questions at any time
  • Each class is an engaging event that deep dives into SharePoint solutions to meet your needs
  • Courses aren’t based on an SDK or a book anybody can buy

So, we have to ask: why just plod along through a tedious book or boring class when you can roll up your sleeves and really experience SharePoint?

The evolution to The SharePoint Experience

Prior to the SharePoint Experience, our courses were referred to as SharePoint Bootcamps, including the “Original” SharePoint Bootcamp (now rebooted as the SharePoint Power User Experience). We spent several years teaching and meeting many people in our classes. As our experience grew, so did our recognition of common issues students kept facing. Students need more than just a run-down of available features, they need ideas on how to apply those features to solve problems.

As we steadily adapted our materials based on student needs we started growing out of our ‘Bootcamp’ britches. Our courses teach more than what SharePoint can do; they teach what YOU can do with SharePoint! Thus the SharePoint Experience was born.

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