The SharePoint Experience

It's not just a course - it's an experience.

About Us

Let’s get real and face the facts

Most people try to fit their business needs to the perceived limitations of their SharePoint sites. We think that’s wrong.

It’s your job to know your users, your requirements and your business. It’s our job to know SharePoint. Bring us your unique experience with your business, and we will bring our own SharePoint experience and technical skills to the party. Together, we will create solutions that will work for you.

So, we have to ask: why just plod along through a tedious book or boring class when you can roll up your sleeves and really experience SharePoint?

Our mission is to constantly evolve to meet the needs of, challenge and guide our students to success

This one statement drives the direction of the company and the courses we offer.  We are laid-back, flexible and here for you. Our classes are “instructor led, student driven.” If we need to spend more time on a particular subject, we will. We’ll even shuffle topics around if it helps our students better experience SharePoint.  We keep up with the latest technology and advancements for not only SharePoint, but also other techniques, methods and programming languages that can really improve and enhance SharePoint sites. It’s all about making YOUR experience the best it can be.

We believe that:

Our students agree:

“Having come from the training industry in a former life, as well as having been intimately involved in many Microsoft training sessions and seminars, I can say without hesitation that the SharePoint [course] experience was the best “bang for the buck” education experience I have ever had. I would strongly recommend their sessions to anyone looking for top quality SharePoint education. It was worth every penny.”

“The [course] really gave me a complete picture of what SharePoint is capable of…The round table discussions at the end of class each day were invaluable. Students hung out after class and we were able to have a free forum Q and A. I realized very quickly that I was not the only one in the room with the same kinds of questions. [Dustin] took the time to really answer our questions so we could go back to our organizations and really make an impact with our SharePoint sites.”