About Us

We evolve, and we do it well

The SharePoint Experience is the brain-child of SharePoint Experts, Inc., a boutique training and consulting company founded in 2001. To begin with, Dustin Miller taught a SharePoint Team Services (SharePoint v.1) course. Over the years the company evolved and offered several courses that were the first of their kind.

Using student and industry needs as a guide, we frequently update our course content. All of our courses are available for private training (taught to just your employees). Additionally, you can customize our courses to meet your company’s learning requirements.

Our training offering includes both private and on-demand courses. Within online training you attend class live with other students and the instructor. Our on-demand courses give you the ability to go through the curriculum at your own pace.

The SharePoint Experience course curriculum is:

  • Concise and meaningful
  • Detailed, unique, and full of demos that evolve with student needs and new technologies
  • Not based on an SDK or a book you can buy
  • Taught by experts in their field
  • Hosted on our private Learning Management Site

During class students are encouraged to ask questions at any time. The SharePoint Experience instructors will happily go off topic to address interests and issues. In conclusion, each class is an engaging experience that deep dives into SharePoint solutions to meet your needs.

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Consulting services

In addition to training, The SharePoint Experience offers consulting services for SharePoint and other web technologies. We can complete all or just a portion of your project. Furthermore, you can combine consulting with private training. Visit our list of consulting services for more details.