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We know the story… you have to provide vendor contact information to get that purchase order processed. Below is our contact address and telephone.

SharePoint Experts, Inc.
7404 Windstone
Plainfield, IL 60586-5644
Toll Free: 855-SHARE-50 (855-742-7350)
Phone and Fax: 312-789-4080

We respect your time, and we want you to know: You’re not going to get a warm body on the telephone unless we call you first. We are a student focused training company and right now we are either guiding people through an experience, or working on creating new ones! We do want to talk to you, so if you’d like to hear the dulcet tones of one of our instructors, just let us know when to call you.

If you would like to email us, please send us a message.