The SharePoint Experience

It's not just a course - it's an experience.

Online Training

Attending an experience online

If it is too hard to get away, kiddo care is a concern or you are a bit of a hermit, we offer a training experience for you. Online training is the next best thing to attending a course in a classroom setting.

We promise, we are not in our pajamas

Our instructors are fully dressed and ready to teach you SharePoint using an advanced webinar tool and top of the line microphone equipment. All you need is a web browser. Our online classes are packed with information and demos and every class session is recorded. After each session, each day or after the class is over you can go back and review lectures, demos and Q&A sessions from class.

How you connect

This isn’t the same boring webcast you’ve attended time and time again — our online course learning environment is interactive, cross-platform and as close as you can get to an actual classroom. Connect with other students and your instructor by sharing screens, live voice (instructor only) and web-based text chat. It’s an experience like no other! And all you need, aside from the software required for each specific course, is an Internet connection.

All students will receive access instructions for course login the day before class starts. Depending on your surrounding environment and workstation, you may benefit from using headphones during class. Each class has a different set of prerequisites and student workstation requirements. Please see individual class information pages, available from the Courses & Schedule page, for more details.

When class isn’t in session, questions can be sent directly to your instructor. You can be assured that you’ll receive all the help and guidance you would expect in an in-person class, but without leaving your desk!

Student Testimonials

Here are some recent testimonials from students attending online courses:

“The SharePoint Experts online interactive live training courses are a great value proposition… The logistics were flawless and the content delivered was excellent… SharePoint Experts got it right!”

“The online training session was exactly what the doctor ordered. It saved me time, saved my organization money, and it was VERY useful. The online interface was engaging and very interactive.”

“It was like an on-site instructor-led class – but at the convenience of my desk. The session was very interactive, not like other “shut up and listen” online training that I have tried. The instructor was VERY responsive to students…It’s often surprising to have an instructor who can immediately answer questions and give relevant, practical information. I applied what I learned five minutes after the end of the class.”

“I continue to be very pleased with your presentations. They are by far the very best I have ever attended. Hands down.”

“SharePoint Experts – Geek tested, mother approved (well most mothers).”